I read on a fun facts site that ketchup was used as a form of medicine back in the 1830's, do you guys believe this? By 1835, ketchup wasn't something found on every dining table — but it could have been found in medicine cabinets! At one point in history, ketchup was just a mixture of ingredients from fish or mushrooms. 26 Dec 06. "Yes, that's right, tomato ketchup was once believed to have medicinal properties and was used as a form of medication to cure diarrhoea, indigestion, rheumatism and jaundice. In 1834, Dr. John Cooke (USA) added tomatoes to the sauce and sold it as medicinal pills. Ketchup used as medicine 💊 Is Ketchup a Medicine?? Favorite Answer. You'll Never Guess What Ketchup Was Used for in the 1800s. Answer Ketchup was sold in the United States as a patented medicine in the 1830's. 1 decade ago. A doctor known as Dr. John Cooke Bennet was the first to add tomatoes to the ketchup recipe back in 1834. Many companies attempted to commercialize the production of ketchup. This occurred way back in the 1830’s, in a time of the travelling snake oil salesmen, who would peddle all kinds of concoctions that apparently had miracle healing properties. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Ok thanks. As an alternative medicine, Ketchup could be used for the benefits it provides from Vitamin C. So, for colds, Ketchup might be a preventive medicine. Many years ago, ketchup used to be a very salty sauce made out of fish or mushrooms, to be eaten with food. chorle. What was ketchup used to remedy in the 1830s? Become a Redditor. Ketchup comes from the Hokkien Chinese word, kê-tsiap, the name of a sauce derived from fermented fish. Different varieties of ketchup were made of berries, grapes, mushrooms, and other foods. Ketchup was used as a medicine back in the. The addition of tomatoes meant it added a plethora of vitamins and antioxidants to the sauce. Up until the early 1800's tomatoes were thought to be poisonous. Perhaps one of the most used condiments in the world, ketchup, was originally sold as medicine. According to a Pot Noodle soy sauce sachet, in the 1830s Ketchup was sold as a medicine. Yes. shilpa28k. Lv 7. The history of ketchup goes way back to the early 16th century. Back in the 1800’s ketchup was once considered a medicine. In 1835, after a medical publication cited curative effect of tomatoes, it … Hi I'm Ketchup. Ketchup was used as a medicine back in the. HOW WIERD! In 1834, Dr John Cooke Bennett added tomatoes to ketchup and claimed that it could cure the above-mentioned diseases." yes its was! Ketchup was used as a medicine back in the .. The idea came from Dr. John Cook Bennett, the president of the medical department at Willoughby University in Ohio. The freaky and not-always-healthy backstory behind some of your favorite eats. Answer Save. Ketchup was considered to be a medicine around 1835 and was sold as tomato pills. What do you think it could've been used for? Seems so there are several result when I did a web search here is a link to one. Ketchup, the most widely used condiment across the world, was sold as a medicine in early 1830s. In 1834, ketchup was sold as a cure for indigestion by an Ohio physician named John Cook. Scopri quale personaggio del cinema rappresenta la tua vera natura di fundraiser. That’s why ketchup didn’t contain tomatoes back in those days. Up until late 1800s, tomato was considered poisonous and ketchup was made of a variety of ingredients like grapes, mushrooms and berries – but no tomato. That’s why ketchup didn’t contain tomatoes back in those days. Knownsense posted by Tyler on Sep 07, 2017. “Ketchup” in America and the United Kingdom used to refer to mushy, salty, brown mushroom paste. The Man Who Sold Ketchup as Medicine in 1834. From China to England . History of Ketchup Know about the culinary journey of ketchup- from medicine to table condiment. yes its was! This is the first-ever ketchup recipe. 3 Answers. Follow. 11 responses. The idea came from Dr. John Cook Bennett, the president of the medical department at Willoughby University in Ohio.He thought that tomatoes could cure illnesses such as diarrhea, jaundice, and indigestion. KETCHUP WAS ONCE USED AS MEDICINE Written by Roneel Narayan on June 30, 2020 . December 13, 2018. Is Ketchup a Medicine?? #4lead 3 people like this. Benjamin Ebuka. I read that tomato ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine, but does anyone know what it was used for? Before then, people were making ketchup paste out of mushrooms. Miles' Compound Extract of Tomato." Apr 8, 2014 BuzzFeed. Ketchup was originally sold as medicine in 1835. Menu Home; About; Blog; Contact; Posted on November 30, 2020 by Yes, mushrooms. From a 17th-century fish sauce, ketchup evolved into a patent medicine, a carcinogenic health hazard, and eventually, a non-Newtonian fluid. and join one of thousands of communities. In 17th century china fish and spices were pickled and generally referred as koe-chiap. Jshean20 @Jshean20 (14359) • Canada. Thanks to Dr. John Cook Bennett, 'tomato pills' … “Ketchup was sold as medicine in the 1830’s.” Okay. Ketchup was sold as medicine for digestive disorders in the 1830s. Tomato ketchup was popularized as a condiment commercially in the late 1800’s and today Americans purchases 10 billion ounces of ketchup annually. An average person produces 25,000 litres of saliva in a lifetime, the equivalent of 2 swimming pools. A little investigating shows that up until around 1800, North Americans widely regarded tomatoes as poisonous. When you hear the word ketchup, a rich red puree of tomatoes pops into your mind. There is no reference of medicinal uses of ketchup.