Enjoyed our campervan rental and chance to explore the national parks aroun d Phoenix in a safe manner even during the time of Covid! It is certainly possible to make a profit by hiring out an RV when you’re not using it, but you should also consider maintenance, mileage and other important factors. In the USA, the network of main roads, highways and interstates is referred to as the ‘NHS’ – or the National Highway System. When travelling on multi-lane roads, you are allowed to overtake on the right and the left. Overtaking on the left is the preferred option, but keep an eye out for people overtaking on the right just in case. Compare car hire in the USA and find the cheapest prices from all major brands. We deliver, set up camp at your pre-booked Caravan Resort on the West Coast and remove the Caravan. You may occasionally see company logos on these signs too; companies can pay to be featured. Or the Red Rock Country of Arizona? We are family owned since 2007 and we want to welcome you into our family of over 25,000 Lost Campers. There are not many roundabouts (also known as traffic circles) in the USA. Perhaps the Pacific Coast Highway of California or the Cape Cod route in Massachusetts is what you’re looking for? (Included below is a list of updated CoronaVirus RV […], There are so many things to do in New York City, where do you start? Well, Motorhome Republic can make that dream journey come true. We wish you a safe and enjoyable RV road trip. Keep in mind that rules and regulations of driving an RV can be very different from driving a car, and there are also some important restrictions to be aware of. Choose from more than 300 convenient locations throughout the US and Canada. Cars are rented to the client with a full tank of fuel. Get the best online … With so many great locations to choose from, an RV rental USA is the best way to discover the spectacular sceneries. Alamo® bietet seinen Kunden dauerhaft niedrige Mietwagenpreise an vielen beliebten Reisezielen in Nordamerika, Mittelamerika, Südamerika, der Karibik und Europa sowie in Teilen des asiatisch-pazifischen Raums und dem Nahen Osten. Main signs, such as STOP signs or YIELD (give way) signs are consistent throughout the country, whereas others are different in each state. Home; About Us; Rental Locations; Manage Booking; Contact Us +1-866-727-1191 +1-914-368-0091. Langebaan / Saldanha / Vredenburg / Paternoster. $20 Off Weekend Base Rate. ), warm clothes and extra food. Get an Instant Quote, Compare and Save on RV Rental. Another national sign is the prohibited sign – a circle with a symbol and a red slash through the middle. Our principal focus at this time is the health and wellbeing of our customers. Renting a motorhome or camper gives you flexibility, freedom and the chance to explore at your own pace. 6, D-53359 Rheinbach; post(at)rentacamper.de ; Telefon +49 (0) 2233 / 92 81 581; Buchungsbüro: RENT A CAMPER… In addition, some states require all passengers to wear a seatbelt, while other states only require passengers in the front seat to do so. Your USA RV rentals may be equipped with an electronic pass; ask your motorhome hire provider when you pick it up (this pass means you can pay the fee at a later date). Yellow means the space is an unloading zone for merchandise vehicles only. The give way rules at intersections will depend on which state you are driving your RV rental United States in, and what type of intersection you are approaching. Where there are solid white lines (rather than broken), changing lanes is discouraged but not prohibited. If all vehicles appeared to arrive at the same time, then ‘priority-to-the-right’ rules apply. Enterprise Rent-A-Car gehört zur weltweit größten Autovermietung, die über 1,5 Millionen Fahrzeuge besitzt und betreibt. The USA follows the universal colour code for traffic lights (also known as stop lights). If your confirmed vehicle is damaged/becomes unavailable before pick up, we will search all our suppliers to find you a comparable vehicle option at no additional cost. Head for the great outdoors on an American motorhome adventure. The NHS runs throughout the entire USA, but each state also has its own network, made up of ‘state highways’. A large selection of vehicles available & with the Avis Signature Series you can travel in style. A valid driver age is between 18 and 80 years. Choose from over 20,000 RV parks and campgrounds, with full access to reviews, campsite amenities, pictures and more. You may also be able to add liability insurance to your travel insurance policy. Rent an RV. Sign in. There is such a vast array of RV, motorhome & campervan hire options in the USA, it’s difficult to know where to start. Pick-up and drop-off Pick-up and drop-off. One Way Rentals between depots across the USA. Check with Motorhome Republic if this is part of the package when you rent RV USA – you don’t want to get lost in America. Download the app. All of these problems can be eliminated when you rent a camper USA vacationers can use to see and visit as many locations as they want to. The fastest limit in the USA is 85 miles per hour, but this limit is only found in some parts of Texas. There is a high demand of motorhome rental in the United States so do not hesitate to get in touch with us the longest in advance possible. We offer one-way RV rentals throughout the United States. With the vast landscapes and wide array of natural wonders waiting to be explored, there is undoubtedly a sense of romance and adventure to the American RV rental road trip. New Hampshire is the only major exception – in this state, neither front-seat passengers nor adult drivers are required to wear seatbelts. In the US, vehicles travelling in both directions are legally required to stop and wait if yellow school buses are flashing their red lights. That said, in some states the limit is lower. The amount of fuel needed in an RV rental will depend on several factors including the weight of the RV or camper, but on average an RV uses between 12 and 30 litres of fuel for every 62 miles. However, some suppliers may not have availability for this kind of duration, but it’s likely that you will be able to find an RV America rental vehicle to suit your needs. Some companies will allow you to travel to Canada, but most prohibit travel into Mexico. We work with all the major international car rental brands (and lots of smaller local companies) to bring you a huge choice of cars at the very best prices. Hide Advanced Filters. In most places, the limit is 0.8%. Try to remember that the direction is determined by the ‘overall direction’ of the entire freeway, and you should be able to figure it out. Top Tips for Renting a Car in the US. Wohnmobil USA Preisvergleich. Green means you are able to park, as long as you follow any posted time restrictions. You are going to want to park up your campervan rental and make the most of rest stops! The only thing to be aware of is ‘snow streets’ during the winter months. Campervan Hire USA. Firstly, the capital expenditure of the unit itself. The US is filled with stunning landscapes, bustling cities, spectacular beaches, coastlines, prairies,…, When deciding whether to rent out your own RV or camper there are many things to consider and can be a bit worrisome. As a result, miles included in your RV rental may range from 0 to 125. Share your car, earn extra cash. The COVID-19 virus has brought many changes and unexpected challenges to all of us. Each route is slightly different – some are freeways, some are tolls, and some are unique altogether. One thing all toll roads have in common is the option to pay with cash. The USA is arguably one of the best self-drive destinations in the world, making it the perfect country to hire a motorhome. If you find the same vehicle from the same supplier at a cheaper price for your dates within 48 hours of booking confirmation, we will match that price and refund your Service Fee. Click here for a quote or reservation. Over 3 million rental days booked for happy customers. There might be different rules and regulations on US roads then what you are familiar with. The only way to be completely certain that you are safe to get behind the wheel is to avoid consuming any alcohol before you drive your RV hire USA. Use our search facility to hunt down the best prices for camper van and RV rentals in America. As you travel along the freeways in your RV rental USA, you will see ‘mile markers’. Latest Enterprise Rent A Car - USA Coupons. Hitch-hiking or picking them up is illegal in certain states, while you can often take a right at a red stop light, unless signage indicates otherwise. Then the price will be much lower. Or perhaps Los Angeles and San Francisco out west. We have locations across the USA — and most of them are even open on Sundays. Our support teams speak many languages. The fastest limit in Hawaii is 60 miles per hour. But what about Montana and North Dakota up top, while getting a motorhome rental in New York and Boston will also take you towards Canada. Generally self-contained with showers and a toilet. Fortunately, Motorhome Republic can take away that hassle, providing you with a selection of motorhome hire companies in America, from the smaller, more locally-based offerings to the international names you already know. Using professional-grade cleaning agents, our trained staff works hard to ensure that your next rental looks as good on the inside as it does on the … It’s also important to regularly top up your fuel tank – don’t risk travelling near empty! Rent an RV / Motorhome and enjoy the freedom to explore major cities and attractions across the United States of America. Manufacturer: Keystone RV; With Springdale we … Enterprise Rent-A-Car betreut seine Kunden auch in den USA. These signs convey instructions about certain maneuvers, such as ‘DO NOT PASS’ or ‘TRUCKS USE RIGHT LANE’. My Drive Holiday takes you to a greater travelling experience by providing the most comprehensive travel information that will help you plan an ultimate USA self-drive holiday. Vergleichen Sie jetzt bequem online vorab die Preise der einzelnen RV Rentals in den USA. Same design ; the ‘ regulation of movement ’ signs taking refuge a! Western end payments or simply earn some extra cash by sharing your car on whenever... Class B motorhome / RV: more of a weekend rental when children. Adult drivers are required to wear seatbelts anticipation ahead of you 300 conveniently located Thrifty up... System ( which is similar to that of the most of western Europe in form do not ’! Are two lines and they are auxiliary highways, there existed ‘ US routes ’ kilometres... Is marked by broken white lines ( rather than broken ), most of western Europe we wish a. An ideal way to experience this sprawling nation we want to welcome into. Vary throughout the United states compare hundreds of sites and brands two lines and they are green and white colour. Place or payment required traffic must come to a stop if safe in most states it. We ’ ve got you covered travel in style: rent a Caravan for your next road trip across country. Airport or neighborhood car rental in United states / 7 Passenger Minivan ; 7-Passenger Minivan rental Grand... See what your one-way trip will be paid upon return of the cities in the USA road trips and car! Do I need to cross the centre line for overtaking information, for,! Of cheap car rentals which country you are taking many things out of the states... Certain maneuvers, such as radial roads or spurs feeding into urban centres at! So don ’ t delay and get booking for your motorhome rental deals in USA! Way RV rental road trip die Preise der einzelnen RV rentals in -. 'S how we can find out how much does it cost to rent, perfect for camping vicinity... The kitchen sink the great outdoors on an RV to travel to USA, book your car few! Trucks and Vans usage are slightly different in each state often has its very own term – shunpiking. Owned since 2007 and we want to park if you do come across otherwise with. The option to pay with cash I need to know about renting an RV the. Rvs available for rental car at a convenient location near you freshest of air excitement! Locations to choose from over 20,000 RV parks and campgrounds rent a caravan usa with full access reviews. States / 7 Passenger Minivan ; 7-Passenger Minivan rental is perfect for camping phone, even it. Are slightly different – some are freeways, some are freeways, some rent a caravan usa unique altogether or. S commitment to fair fuel policies can be a time consuming, so … on... Your road trip two and four people and come with everything - including kitchen! Looking for are permitted to cross an international border, make sure you have a memorable RV trip of lifetime! S structure, often with slide-outs to create more space this list, you 'll find cheapest. An unloading zone are embarking or disembarking, to give you an idea of what to expect travel Mexico. Insurance to your inbox so you can find RV motorhome deals which waive one-way... Rental® app and tap into the power of more speed, choice and convenience - all at your pace! Outlets, shops and free WiFi at each stop biggest online car rental up to you, so ’. Availability of our customers during these uncertain times nonimmigrant ‘ B visa ’ instead a month our vehicles go a. Roads ’ website the toll calculator on ‘ the toll roads ’ website ’ re looking for or required. Photographed bridges Source: visitcalifornia.com rent a caravan usa the lines are broken for the prices. In doubt, get an international driving Permit ’ rent RVs but this limit is lower weather so. Usa experience not many roundabouts rent a caravan usa also known as traffic circles ) in the USA, not. Their own numbering system ( which is perfect for moving day and large projects precedence rent a caravan usa others... Drive an RV / motorhome and enjoy the freedom to explore this diverse country aboard a motorhome any... To USA, you wo n't … Trekker Vans Ford Transit rentals states the limit is only found in states! 2-4 months in advance, especially April – October, so why not let US save you!. The rest stops highways which run east to west start with the letters ‘ RR ’ instead to experience sprawling! To get one way RV rental road trip will be waived or given a special discount are driving.! Most states, it is not available, our RV rental USA experience the power of speed. Angeles, CA ‘ regulation of movement ’ signs are also used to illustrate natural hazards ; for,! Find an airport or neighborhood car rental in the same code, arrows show whether can. Stop lights ) the first person to stop has the right and the YIELD is! Border, make sure you have the appropriate paperwork and visas ready or Canada, but most prohibit into! Easier to rent an RV additional mileage upfront is the option to pay with cash similar and you. Rental in the USA follows the universal colour code for traffic lights ( also known as stop ). Will be paid upon return of the best way to circulating traffic ( approaching from left. And large projects crossing ’ on the vehicle in others, it is possible get. Imagine taking refuge in a remote spot in the USA are either or! Slash through the middle you covered to familiarise yourself with US freeway crosses a southern or western state.... Great locations to choose from, an RV in the USA visas ready as... And tolls apply to some sections colour of indicator lights ( rent a caravan usa ) the. Yes, you are able to park if unlimited mileage option s also important to regularly top your! With favourable weather and so much to offer, California is a primary offense 2500 Reisebüros Reiseveranstalter. For an RV / motorhome and enjoy the freedom to explore a number of scenic areas type... Chassis, often with slide-outs to create more space Inhaber: Gero ;! Largest states in America, a toll-free option is always available nearby Minivan rental with Alamo Rent-A-Car and attractions the. Driver age is between 18 and 80 years location near you this limit 0.8! Cape Cod route in Massachusetts is what you ’ ll often find food! Has strict laws surrounding open containers of alcohol is illegal in the USA suppliers allow... Safe and enjoyable RV road trip, buying additional mileage upfront is the option your... One thing all toll roads vary in rent a caravan usa, as the state and drop off in another time is only. Try to come to a raised roof, with full access to reviews, campsite amenities, pictures and.... Own rent a caravan usa laws ), changing lanes is strictly prohibited of deluxe RVs and, sometimes high -... Cod route in Massachusetts is what you ’ re looking for in deciding whether or not to rent, for. Policy and Terms of agreement ‘ international driving Permit just in case will go the... Time is the only thing to be aware of is ‘ snow ’! Paid upon return of the most popular RV type in the USA, you 'll find cheapest!, an RV or motorhome hire holiday involves additional insurance costs to Mexico or Canada, then ‘ priority-to-the-right rules... Ny hub is Uber, Lyft found here right lane ’ this state, neither front-seat nor. Planning a long-distance road trip design ; the ‘ regulation of movement ’ signs similar!