In WNC's Northern Mountains (or "The High Country"), there are several such places. Intermediate. Big Rock Trail. Very short sections of trail that are out of character for the rest don't change this rating, but will be mentioned in the description. Some sections may be extremely steep, and the trail may be very steep overall. A trail surface that can be somewhat rough in places, but short of dangerous rocks or drops. The terrain is as varied as the people you will find riding it. The mountain of western North Carolina are home to some of the countries best mountain biking trails. But even locals looking for a quick, easy ride find the area irresistible. The park is named for the Tuscarora Indians, who lived in the area, following the Tuscarora War in North Carolina, until they were forced out by the colonial settlers of Pennsylvania. What is the MST? Know … Find information on these waterproof, detailed topographic maps as well as links to purchase them online. Putting “Dupont State Forest” in first place is a little bit of a cheap shot, as … The US Forest Service has issued a decision regarding the trail naming and use designations within Panthertown. #3. Panthertown’s Cold Mountain Trailhead to be Closed, Expanded by jordan | posted in: WNC Hiking, WNC Mountain Biking, WNC Waterfalls | 0 . Or use one of these other ways to get in touch. Significant climbs and descents with considerable elevation change, but falling short of the hardest trails in the region. Browse things to do, find an organized ride or rent a bike from a local outfitter. Use this section to search for a trail if you know its name. OR. Enjoy! 1 Aug 2015 . A general slope from one end of the trail to the other. The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is North Carolina’s state hiking trail. Bent Creek. Determinations are subjective. Trail length is one-way. Panthertown Valley Trail Names and Uses Designated by jordan | posted in: WNC Hiking, WNC Mountain Biking | 0 . Password help ... Asheville Biking. Dupont State Forest, As of October 15th, seasonal trails are open to bikes. A biking trip to WNC is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Large climbs and descents with high elevation change. MTB WNC's Trailheads are hubs or larger areas where several trails are clustered together or in a network. #1 Warrior Creek. These descriptors include typical conditions which may vary with weather, erosion, trail maintenance, and season. OR. While some guides show the round-trip length by default, many people's rides combine trails or use only portions of trails, so the most accurate thing for us to do is just list a trail's actual length. Only experienced riders in excellent shape should attempt to complete these. Links to these galleries are provided from Trailheads and Rides as well. Gentle climbs and descents with a relatively smooth surface, sometimes on pavement or other trail structures. You can also browse a list of all trails. WNC Mountain Biking Geography. Moravian Falls, NC. So, we have devised four difficulty levels for all of the trail and ride listings on this site. One is Sugar Mountain Resort, with 20 miles of trails, where you can even load your bike on a ski lift and get hauled to the top of the mountain. This is different from a ride in that rides may involve only parts of or more than one trail, as well as connecting roads. We aim to provide guidebook-quality information that you can use in your outdoor persuits. Some sections may be moderately steep, but the trail is not extremely so overall. Panthertown Valley’s Cold Mountain trailhead, providing the best access to some of the area’s favorite features such as Schoolhouse Falls, will close on Monday morning for … Continued, For the first time I can remember, the schedule for which users can use which trails at the Tsali Recreation Area, located on Fontana Lake near Bryson City, NC, is changing. The US Forest Service, among others, separates trails into just three difficulty levels. Edit: As of August 7, the parking area is finished and open again. We feel like these trips are most representative of the great mountain biking that Western North Carolina has to offer! Estatoe, Edit: As of August 7, the parking area is finished and open again. This section includes details about all the individual trails on this site. No general slope from one end to the other, but contains moderate to steep climbs and descents along its length. The Mountains-to-Sea Trail is as diverse as North Carolina. Tsali - Good to Know. Panthertown’s Cold Mountain Trailhead to be Closed, Expanded, 15 Miles of Multi-Use Trails Open Saturday at Lake James State Park, Wash Creek Road added to the list of closures for the Brushy Ridge Project. Where to mountain bike in North Carolina? 11.0 mi. To find trails by location, visit the Trailheads section of the site. Flat Laurel Creek, Listings Directory; Arts & Entertainment . With a little effort, most riders with some experience including older children should be able to complete these.