Reactions: ... a choice site on Stevens Creek Boulevard between Palace Drive and Kiely Boulevard that will provide the land for the development of the project, according to Santa Clara County public records. View the map of the Envision San José 2040 General Plan designations. Sharks warn San Jose downtown development may force them out - San José Spotlight. Class A Office: Up to 1.5M Sqft Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email with any further questions. The mixed-use core will become the civic heart at San José’s gateway. The City cannot guarantee that any personal identifying information will be removed from public records. The Sobrato Organization has submitted a formal application to San Jose to remake a prime downtown parking lot in the heart of the city into a glassy new tower geared toward tech tenants. Thanks for putting it together. This is great! Review maps and data related to past and future City development. Proposed: 4,878 units(171 affordable units, 50 homeless housing units). (408) 279-1775 28 N. 1st St., Suite 1000, San Jose, CA a COGNEO design San Jose, CA. Proposed: 2 Another project I’m eagerly anticipating, near downtown, is Japantown Square ( — 532 apartments, 20,300 Sqft commercial, and a great public plaza. Under construction. Public GIS Viewer Your email address will not be published. This gives us hope for good development…in the fullness of time. Below are the compiled numbers from the projects highlighted on the map: Residential: 7,062 units If you could contact me through my email, I know I’m missing a couple projects from your neighborhood like the one across from the Delmas Dog Park and it would great to have that line of communication in the future. Zoning Map Click to expand Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Downtown San Jose Development Projects Map There are so many big projects kicking off in Downtown San Jose, that we need a map to keep track of them all. Thank you so much for this. The best things to do in San Jose deserve a spot on your Bay Area bucket list. Urban Catalyst Opportunity Fund I, a real estate equity fund focused on g round-up development projects in downtown San Jose, California, plan s to invest more than $850m in the market in the near-term . Disclaimer - All comments and questions submitted through email or mail will be posted at The Map is back. I’ve heard that zoning changes are also in process for the lot at the south west corner of San Carlos and Josefa. Absolutely Kymberli. After two years of renovations and concept development, Bunz Handcrafted Burgers is set to open Oct. 22 in a former deli in the Savoy Building on Houston downtown. Proposed: 74 rooms Tract and Parcel Maps A study session by the San Jose Planning Commission on the Diridon Station Area Plan this week offered a peek into tonight’s much anticipated public discussion about the high-profile development. Back to you at last. Below is a nice one put together by the city that shows all projects that are under construction, in planning, and even goes so far as to highlight key areas for future infill development. Demographics SAN JOSE — Google’s game-changing transit village in downtown San Jose has captured high marks in a “report card” from a key community group that seeks to influence and promote good development efforts in Silicon Valley. The Silicon Valley-focused opportunity zone fund has seven planned projects under way in the area, which Under construction: 254 rooms. Your Government » Departments & Offices » Planning, Building & Code Enforcement » Planning Division. I soooo want to add “and one alligator exhibit, with beach entry” to this list. This map shows all the current development projects in downtown San Jose, proposal, under construction, and completed since 2015. This Thursday, the City of San Jose and San Jose Jazz presents the Diridon Experience Workshop, an interactive, hands-on virtual workshop to develop a vision for public spaces in the development.Continue your holiday shopping and support local artists at … San Jose is best city for longevity: ... although a common scene throughout downtown San Jose, was apparently not chosen. The link to the map can be found permanently on the Development Info page. The DSAP envisions the transformation of the station area — which is currently dominated by parking lots and old industrial buildings — into a dynamic mixed-use urban neighborhood anchored by the SAP Center and a world-class transportation hub. Thanks so much for this! The development of American commercial areas in San Jose extended into this newly surveyed area, just east of the original pueblo site of 1797 (relocated from the 1777 site after major flooding). Thanks for compiling. Close. As president of the San Jose Downtown Resident’s Association, I would like to share this with our members and reference it on our website and social media pages. Who’s building what? The Future of Cities and Virtual Panel Discussion. Thursday, January 28, 2021. San Jose, California. Downtown San Jose Development Map. Proposed: 296K Sqft The San José Permit Center provides instructions to help you find your tract or parcel map. © 2020 San Jose Downtown Association. Special Purpose Maps Under construction: 52K Sqft, Public parks/plazas: 2 The Geography of Downtown San Jose SPUR defines downtown San Jose as the 800-plus-acre area that stretches east from Diridon Station to City Hall and San Jose State University, and south from Coleman Avenue to Highway 280. (Information accumulated from Nate Donato-Weinstein(SVBJ), Emporis, and Skyscapercity Forums.) Robson has other priorities, so no date on when construction may begin. Frank BoscheDelmas Park Neighborhood Association. Under construction: 2,184 units(102 affordable units), Hotel: 328 rooms Thierry Burkle, noted chef at The Grill at Leon Springs and the long-gone Alamo Heights restaurant L’Etoile, is co-owner and co-chef with Edwin Salazar. SAN JOSE — Google unveiled on Wednesday its most detailed vision yet for a transit-oriented neighborhood in downtown San Jose, a game-changing development that bids to … For the official record, please reference Downtown West (Google) in your written comment letter. Retail: Up to 348K Sqft It may come back in the future. Meanwhile, they seem to have acquired the rest of the block out to San Carlos. Area Maps Browse area maps of City Council Districts, Priority Development Areas, and more. Admin, Policy, and Intergovernmental Relations, Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services, Historic Landmarks Commission and Design Review Subcommittee, El Paseo and Saratoga Ave Mixed Use Village, Evergreen Valley College Planned Development Rezoning, San José Flea Market - Southside Rezoning Project, Plumbing / Mechanical Inspection Information. Thanks Frank. By the populace, this is California’s 3rd-largest town and America’s tenth-largest. I created a map of proposed and under construction projects in downtown. Diridon Station in downtown San Jose is at the center of massive redevelopment plans, which includes Google's proposed megacampus. btw, I think there is/was supposed to be yet another tower at Park & Almaden. So here is a comprehensive map of development, both proposed and under construction, in downtown San Jose. Development Monitoring Required fields are marked *. © 2016 Think Bigger San Jose. Demographics Browse demographics information from Census 2010 and the latest City population figures. Archived. The proposal has been pulled for now. The Map is back. Thank you for keeping Happy Hollow on your map of downtown! All Rights Reserved. However, due to the changing environment in aviation operations as well as the need and desire for future building development in the City of San Jose, a new study was undertaken to assess the existing conditions and future needs of the Airport and the development … All eyes are on the area of #DTSJ surrounding the Diridon CalTrain Station, the site of Google’s proposed mixed-use development. The DSAP sets forth a blueprint for development in the 250-acre area surrounding the San José Diridon Station on the western edge of downtown. The project at the corner of Park and Delmas is being (eventually) built by Robson Homes, designed by Steinberg. The Map: Newly updated Downtown San Jose Development map. San Jose Map: San Jose is North California’s social, financial and political hub and is one of America’s largest cities. The connection from the Diridon Station to downtown offers varied experiences: retail-lined public open spaces in a mix of new and old buildings, a robust creek ecology and cultural and educational amenities that complete the link to downtown. Photo by Carly Wipf. Under construction: 0. It is larger than downtown Oakland’s 750 acres and larger than San Francisco’s 620-acre downtown commercial district. General Plan Map View the map of the Envision San José 2040 General Plan designations. How the commission's recommendations impact Google's "Downtown West" development and the amended plan will depend on whether the San Jose City Council or the city's planning commission vote to overrule them. Tract and Parcel Maps are maintained by the Santa Clara County Surveyor's Office. I think you have an older proposal for Virginia Terrace/ Foundry Commons on the photo there. Is it alright to link back to this? Browse demographics information from Census 2010 and the latest City population figures. Zoning Map View the map of zoning designations. General Plan Map Biocube life sciences incubator pushes ahead with San Jose expansion Industrial center in San Jose lands county as tenant View the map of zoning designations. The project design has already been critiqued by the city with some very good suggestions for improvements. So here is a comprehensive map of development, both proposed and under construction, in downtown San Jose. Maps. Under construction: 0 Sqft. What projects are going where? The Housing Authority at one point had been planning to move its head offices to a redevelopment site in downtown San Jose at 675 E. Santa Clara St. Posted by 4 years ago. SAN JOSE, Calif. - San Jose revealed scads of new details about Google's plans to build a sprawling downtown campus with 7.3 million square feet … 95113. The Map: Downtown San Jose Development. The Map: Downtown San Jose Development. An interactive map with data layers to assist with Development Services. Who’s building what? Browse area maps of City Council Districts, Priority Development Areas, and more. Many people have been inquiring about current and future downtown development projects lately. Access special purpose maps of historic resources, neighborhoods, smart growth, and more. Urban Community, Westbank Corp. pitch office development at gateway to downtown San Jose Nov 19, 2020, 7:49 am PST Take a sneak peek inside 2 West Santa Clara in downtown San Jose as it … The San Jose development would consist of 156 residential units, which would all be affordable apartment rentals, located near the corner of West San … Area Maps What projects are going where? Your email address will not be published. This is awesome. Below are the raw numbers from the projects on the map. A development team with a global and a local reach have filed proposals for at least three large projects that would help spur a dramatic transformation of key sections of downtown San Jose. Google unveiled on Thursday night the first details of its proposed transit village in downtown San Jose, a new mixed-use community that the search giant hopes will be a development … Even living downtown and being fairly well connected, it’s hard for us to keep up with all that is happening and planned to happen. Diridon Station Area lands new $500M+ mixed-use Class A office proposal, Parklet Parkways: Creating continuous parklet corridors. Many people have been inquiring about current and future downtown development projects lately. I’ve shared this with my Delmas Park neighborhood list, as so much of it directly affects our lives. Proposed: 1.5M Sqft Camera 12 revamp in downtown San Jose gets city O.K. 31.