The team of calculator-online designed smart & best online feet to yard converter that helps to quickly change ft to yd. Try our square yards calculator to calculate the area of a space. A cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet. The square yard is a US customary and imperial unit of area. Using an Online Calculator Search the Internet. Square yards can be abbreviated as sq yd, and are also sometimes abbreviated as yd². How to convert feet to meters. Instant free online tool for ton register to cubic yard conversion or vice versa. Take that with you to the store to make shopping for tile or carpet that much easier. Our online sq ft to sq yd converter is the ever best tool that works specifically to perform square feet to square yards conversions. According to the table above, one cubic yard of concrete placed at a thickness of 5-inches covers 65 square feet. We sell all of our online materials by the cubic yard. Calculate volumes for concrete slabs, walls, footers, columns, steps, curbs and gutters. Then multiply the amount of Feet you want to convert to Yard, use the chart below to guide you. The porch also has 9 linear feet of 6" step. Cubic Yard Calculator. As a general guide, 1 cubic yard of aggregate, sand, or dirt is equivalent to 1.5 tons. It also helps to sketch out a diagram of your home’s layout. To calculate the square footage of carpet you’ll need, multiply the length times the width, in feet, of any space where you’ll install flooring. Calculate Volume of Square Slab Calculator Use. Bedroom: 15 feet by 10 feet. If you are wanting to calculate in cubic feet instead of cubic yards for the same area, you would do the following math. Since 1959, a yard has been defined as exactly 0.9144 meters. Feet (ft) to meters (m) conversion calculator and how to convert. A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles. After converting the measurements into feet from another unit, multiply the values to get volume in cubic feet. The area of the driveway is 1,080 square feet (60-feet x 18-feet). The area of the driveway is 1,080 square feet (60-feet x 18-feet). 1 square yard equals 9 square feet. History/origin: The origin of the yard as a unit is unclear. Use this easy and mobile-friendly calculator to convert between feet and yards. Conversion in Feet Width(ft): Length(ft): Mulch Depth: 2cu ft bags or. Mulch Yardages: 1 Yard = 27 cubic feet (3′ x 3′ x 3′) 1 Yard = 10′ x 10′ area (100 sq. One square yard is equal to 9 square feet, or an area that is three square feet wide by three square feet long.. To calculate it, you must first convert your measurements to yards. Common Converters. Conversion in Yards Cubic Yards: 2cu ft bags phone. Yard. cubic yards. ft. per yard (from chart) = cubic yards needed; Example: A rectangular area 16 feet long by 10 feet wide and you want 4 inches deep of stone. It converts units from feet to yards or vice versa with a metric conversion table. cubic yards to cubic feet Conversion Table:: cu yd to cu ft 1.0 = 27 2.0 = 54 3.0 = 81 4.0 = 108 5.0 = 135: cubic yards to cubic feet 6.0 = 162 7.0 = 189 8.0 = 216 Area b: L x W x D ÷ 27 = Cubic Yards. Use our free length converter to convert other units of length. Carpet Square Foot vs. Square Yard Calculator. 1-888-270-3714. contact us. Area a: L x W x D ÷ 27 = Cubic Yards. This totals .11 cubic yards. Convert 266 Feet [ft] to Yards [yd]. Enter value in yards. Definition: A yard (symbol: yd) is a unit of length in both the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. Send us an email. Let's be honest - sometimes the best square foot to square yard calculator is the one that is easy to use and doesn't require us to even know what the square foot to square yard formula is in the first place! Difference between Feet and Yards. The symbol of feet is "ft", and the symbol for yards is "yd", and these are used in our converter above. For example, 1 square yard can be written as 1 sq yd or 1 yd². No doubt, manual sqft to sqyd conversions seems like a daunting task, but if you know about the actual formula from sq feet to sq yards, then it becomes really simple. A square yard is sometimes also referred to as a square yd. square yards to square feet Conversion Table:: sq yd to sq ft 1.0 = 9.00000 2.0 = 18.00000 3.0 = 27.00000 4.0 = 36.00000 5.0 = 45.00000 6.0 = 54.00000 7.0 = 63.00000 Plus learn how to convert Ft to Yd There are exactly 3 feet in a yard, according to the modern definition of the yard. Feet to Yards converter. To calculate cubic yards from a square feet figure, we need to include an extra dimension - height/depth. Contact us. The above calculator also offers entering values in several units, including yards, centimeter, inch, feet, meter, etc. Rectangle. You can use the online calculator to determine how many cubic yards of material are required. 1 square meter equals 1.195 square yards. feet of porch surface, so enter in the slab calculator 4" thickness by 3' width by 3' length. Calculate . 1 square foot equals 0.1111 square yards. Use the footing calculator to calculate the sides of the porch and the steps; Here is an example: This porch has 9 sq. V1.2. 1 square yard equals 0.8361 square meters. Feet to yards is a ft to yd height converter. 1 foot is equal to 0.3048 meters: 1 ft = 0.3048 m Total Square Feet / 9 = Square Yards. Conversion Calculator; Conversion Calculator. FEET TO YARD (ft TO yds) CHART. Square yardage is a common measurement of area, measured in yards, and is used in many fields. To calculate a feet value to the corresponding value in yard, just multiply the quantity in feet by 0.33333333333333 (the conversion factor). 54-inch fabric yard to recommended square feet of leather. Call us with questions. Also, explore tools to convert ton register or cubic yard to other volume units or learn more about volume conversions. It is one of the simplest shapes, and … Just type the number of feet into the box and the conversion will be performed automatically. We have an additional calculator, should you wish to calculate cubic feet from square feet. Calculations: 16 x 10 = 160 square feet; 160 divided by 81 = 2 cubic yards (81 comes from the chart, 81 is how many square feet 1 cubic yard covers at a 4 inch depth) Triangle 24 ft to yd conversion. Area a + Area b = Total volume in cubic yards. Contact us. The ton register [ton reg] to cubic yard [yd^3] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed.