Combined with this sacrifice of the fruits of the earth to the Creator in memory of creation and redemption, and probably always immediately following it, was the sacred meal at which part of the offerings was eaten. An altar-tomb still stands to his memory in Ealing churchyard. I am always delighted when anyone writes me a beautiful thought which I can treasure in my memory forever. But no human memory of a conversation reported on the 22nd of January 1567, could be so nearly "word perfect" as Crawford's must have been two years later. The memory-- fuzzy for fifteen years-- grew crisp, and surprise and hope went through her as she recalled the night that'd changed everything. Generals on the staff, excited by the memory of the easy victory at Tarutino, urged Kutuzov to carry out Dorokhov's suggestion. The Canongate Tolbooth adjoins the parish church, in the burial-ground of which is the tombstone raised by Burns to the memory of Robert Fergusson, and where Dugald Stewart, Adam Smith and other men of note were buried. Memory Game of Sentences Memory Game of Sentences. In the quiet of a country town, far removed from actual contact with painful scenes, but on the edge of the whirlwind raised by the Fugitive Slave Bill, memory and imagination had full scope, and she wrote for serial publication in The National Era, an anti-slavery paper of Washington, D.C., the story of "Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly.". (be + haunted by) " I have a good memory. " Andre's memory may live on, but I'm the one who inherited his responsibilities. noun Memory, or a memory, relating to or evoked by one or more of the senses, as sight, smell, hearing, etc. Dr Alexander Kohut (1897); L. It is probable that notes or selections were from time to time written down to help in teaching and learning the immense mass of material, in spite of the fact that even in Sherira's time (11th century) such aids to memory were not officially recognized. The strongest memory in human-Deidre's mind: the moment she realized she'd made a deal with the Dark One, when his fangs had pierced her body. intended to show respect and remind people of somebody who has died. Although the goddess of agriculture is naturally inclined to peace and averse from war, the memory of the time when her land was won and kept by the sword still lingers in the epithets xpvuaopos and 1.4n7 pos and in the name Triptolemus, which probably means " thrice fighter " rather than " thrice plougher.". After discovering the Marquesas, he reached the island of Santa Cruz of evil memory, where he and many of the settlers died. Gabe hated her yet couldn't escape the memory of the compassion and spirit that made him take a stranger to bed last night. high, which was erected in 1806 to the memory of Nelson, and on its southern slopes a well-known hydropathic. That he displayed considerable classical knowledge, was a good linguist, a ready and versatile writer of verse, and above all that he possessed an astounding memory, seems certain, not only from the evidence of men of his own time, but from the fact that even Joseph Scaliger (Prima Scaligerana, p. 58, 1669) speaks of his attainments with the highest praise. He made some distinction between hearsay and authentic information, but had no pretence to accuracy, his retentive memory being the chief authority. traer a la memoria. Carrara erected a statue to his memory in 1876, and in 1887 the Societe d'economie politique celebrated his centenary with a notice of his life and works. Practice Simple Action Verbs Vocabulary with this ESL Memory Game. Henderson prefers the hypothesis that Lennox had lost Crawford's notes; and that the identities are explained by the "remarkably good memories of Crawford and Mary, or by the more likely supposition that Crawford, before preparing his declaration for the conference" (at Westminster, December 1568) "refreshed his memory by the letter.". But the memory of the benefits conferred by the English constitution remained fresh and green amidst the arid waste of repression which followed. Dusty knew the memory of killing in order to be initiated wasn't something even Bianca could take away from him. It is due to the memory of the judges of Lord Coke's time to say that, at any rate as regards contracts made in partibus transmarinis, the same rule appears to have been applied at least as early as 1544, the judges then holding that "for actions transitory abroad action may lie at common law.". He ceased to attend the society in 1829, but he carried away from it the strengthening memory of failure overcome by persevering effort, and the important doctrinal conviction that a true system of political philosophy was "something much more complex and many-sided than he had previously had any idea of, and that its office was to supply, not a set of model institutions but principles from which the institutions suitable to any given circumstances might be deduced.". There are several small parks and squares, including Central Square, Beacon Square, about which the business portion of the township is centred, and Saltonstall Park, in which is a monument to the memory of Watertown's soldiers who died in the Civil War, and near which are the Town House and the Free Public Library, containing a valuable collection of 60,000 books and pamphlets and historical memorials. Read this sentence out loud to yourself five times: Here is a memory game combined with an activity on writing sentences. At first, the words, phrases and sentences which she used in expressing her thoughts were all reproductions of what we had used in conversation with her, and which her memory had unconsciously retained. There is a statue in the parks of Dr Isaac Watts, the theologian (1674-1748), a native of the town, in whose memory the Watts Memorial Hall was erected in 1875. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " The house holds many memories for them. " Augustus honoured his memory by a magnificent funeral. The memorial is crowned by the figure of an angel in white marble, and on the wall of the well itself is the following inscription: Sacred to the perpetual Memory of a great company of Christian people, chiefly Women and Children, who near this spot were cruelly murdered by the followers of the rebel Nana Dhundu Pant, of Bithur, and cast, the dying with the dead, into the well below, on the xvth day of July, Mdccclvii. General Las Casas, in particular, left behind him in Cuba an undying memory of good efforts. It proved fever-ridden and was abandoned, a new village being laid out on higher ground and named Lydenburg in memory of their sufferings at the abandoned settlement. Soon men began to assist memory by making notes, and pupils sought to take written jottings of what they had heard from their teachers. ; specifically (in method acting) the recollection of physical sensations surrounding an event as a technique for convincingly reproducing the emotion felt at such a time. All such monuments hitherto discovered in India were put up in honour of some religious teacher, not in memory of royal persons, generous benefactors, politicans, or soldiers or private persons, however distinguished. I was culpable in contributing openly to the memory of Miss Washington and I was listed in some press accounts as the well-known grandfather of Eric when he was kidnapped last fall. To the south and west of the city a large district is laid out as a park, where there is a statue to the memory of John Maurice of Nassau-Siegen (1604-1679), who governed Cleves from 1650 to 1679, and in the western part there are mineral wells with a pump room and bathing establishment. In memory of this the Jews burn both in synagogues and in houses on the first night of the festival one light, on the second two, and so on to the end (so the Hillelites), or vice versa eight lights on the first, and one less on each succeeding night (so the Shammaites). - of those passages which irresistibly rise in the memory when we think of "Isaiah.". All Moscow repeated Prince Dolgorukov's saying: "If you go on modeling and modeling you must get smeared with clay," suggesting consolation for our defeat by the memory of former victories; and the words of Rostopchin, that French soldiers have to be incited to battle by highfalutin words, and Germans by logical arguments to show them that it is more dangerous to run away than to advance, but that Russian soldiers only need to be restrained and held back! One of the public squares contains a martyrs' monument, erected in memory of the thirteen Hungarian generals shot here on the 6th of October 1849, by order of the Austrian general Haynau. The recollection of a certain fact, not known to all Speckport as it was to him, rushed upon his memory. The image of her smile and his memory of the way he felt when he was with her remained fixed in his mind. In the capitol grounds are monuments to the memory of Ulysses S. Max Muller, "On Ancient Prayers," in Semitic Studies in Memory of Rev. It will be the collective memory and experience of the planet. (be + fading) " I am losing my memory. " Having become senator for the department of Doubs (1895-1902), Rambaud held the position of minister of Public Instruction from 1896 to 1898, and in that capacity endeavoured to carry on the educational work of Jules Ferry, to whose memory he always remained faithful. g p Atticus in memory of his wife Regilla, is comparatively well preserved; it was excavated in 1848 and in 1857-1858. Memory is not an online learning tool and is not available offline or associated with any other company. This voyage of the middle of the 9th century deserves to be held in happy memory, for it unites the first Norwegian polar explorer with the first English collector of travels. Read and try to understand these sentences. And the Pleiades continued, within historical memory, to be the first asterism of the lunar zodiac. Windthorst was undoubtedly one of the greatest of German parliamentary leaders: no one equalled him in his readiness as a debater, his defective eyesight compelling him to depend entirely upon his memory. His memory was astonishing, his energy indefatigable. I have no control over what I do during the full moon, and after, have no memory of my time as a wolf, so I can't answer that. On her way down the hall, she paused at Martha's room and peeked in, as if hoping some memory of the child remained. The ages were not dark in which Christianity could gather itself together in a common cause, and carry the flag of its faith to the grave of its Redeemer; nor can we but give thanks for their memory, even if for us religion is of the spirit, and Jerusalem in the heart of every man who believes in Christ. A little memory work might be required, but anyone could count from nineteen to twenty. The ultra sound photo brought back a vivid memory of Alex watching the screen as the baby moved in her womb. That he was an unlucky jerk and his loss of memory was probably a good thing in the long pull? Similar words: member, membership, timber, number, chamber, limber up, a number of, any number of. Memorial Hall was built in memory of the soldiers from Lee who died during the Civil War. How to connect “memory” with other words to make correct English sentences. For the first time the memory wasn't painful, but a reminder that despite all odds, something magical had happened between them. Ever afterwards, in memory of the threat of Heracles to ravage the land if Hylas were not found, the inhabitants of Kios every year on a stated day roamed the mountains, shouting aloud for Hylas (Apollonius Rhodius i. But the emperor died before the project could be consummated, and for twenty-five years Ares memory remained the sole depository of the collected annals. Beyond the railway station stands the obelisk to the memory of Ewen Maclachlan (1775-1822), the Gaelic poet, who was born in the parish. Should I toast Jeffrey Byrne, or at least his memory? All that we do know certainly is that she has a good memory and imagination and the faculty of association. The Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens, was erected (1872) by " Queen Victoria and her People to the memory of Albert, Prince Consort," from the designs of Sir Gilbert Scott, with a statue of the Prince (1876) by John Henry Foley beneath a huge ornate Gothic canopy. The memory brought goose bumps to her arms. There happened to be among the court ladies one Hiyeda no Are, who was gifted with an extraordinary memory. The enormous quantities of Roman coins may be accounted for by consideration of the well-known practice of the Romans to make these imperishable monuments subservient towards perpetuating the memory, not only of their conquests, but also of those public works which were the natural result of their successes in remote parts of the world. Two other features of Arabian poetry are probably connected with the necessity for aiding the memory. His chief work during this part of his imprisonment was the tragedy Leoniero da Dertona, for the preservation of which he was compelled to rely on his memory. He's got a blank slate for a lifetime of memory. The old man had warmed to his task, as floods of reminiscences came sweeping through his memory. by the memory of their Saviour's crucifixion to submit meekly to their fate. I already got one friend killed by a demon, Deidre said, guilt assailing her at the memory of Logan. At Alexandria the noble Hypatia taught, to whose memory her impassioned disciple Synesius, afterwards a bishop, reared a splendid monument. ... MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. I'm the guy with no past and I have this... earlier vision and it's not even my memory. Take a trip down memory lane with us to see what was going on in 1985. The monasteries and friaries are kept in memory by their names in various parts of London. The Terrorists paid a veritable worship to his memory, as to a martyr of Liberty. Nations are possessed with an insane ambition to perpetuate the memory of themselves by the amount of hammered stone they leave. To no town has the memory of one famous son brought wider notoriety than that which the memory of William Shakespeare has brought to Stratford; yet this notoriety sprang into strong growth only towards the end of the 18th century. A charming style, a vivid fancy, exhaustive research, were not to be expected from a hard-worked barrister; but he must certainly be held responsible for the frequent plagiarisms, the still more frequent inaccuracies of detail, the colossal vanity which obtrudes on almost every page,'the hasty insinuations against the memory of the great departed who were to him as giants, and the petty sneers which he condescends to print against his own contemporaries, with whom he was living from day to day on terms of apparently sincere friendship. Won't most of the people know about your accident and loss of memory? So we must suppose that before his death the schismatic was received again into the bosom of the Church, and this is confirmed by the fact that his memory was henceforth celebrated in the Church as that of a holy martyr. Did you see the memory where I watched you kill your first, and I still thought maybe there was some part of you that could be salvaged? if my memory serves me well. With declining prices for farm produce came that year of unhappy memory, 1879, when persistent rains and an almost sunless summer ruined the crops and reduced many farmers to a state of destitution. In the sense he can function but the memory is probably gone for good. ; they comprise the Cour du Cheval Blanc or des Adieux (thus named in memory of the parting scene between Napoleon and the Old Guard in 1814), the Cour de la Fontaine, the Cour Ovale, built on the site of a more ancient château, and the Cour d'Henri IV. He was Puritan to the core, with a tenacious memory, a strength of will bordering upon obstinacy, and a want of sympathy with human nature. There was a much better time when she did not know he planned to usurp her, and the memory comforted her. This game is also excellent for ESL Vocabulary Teaching and Practice. He certainly became the acknowledged authority on the subject, and developed a power and speed of memory which seemed miraculous, even to his contemporaries. 1840) of Scranton, a Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, and monuments to the memory of Columbus and Washington. It was his favorite memory, that which preceded his abrupt knowledge of war and the world at large. 10 example sentences : My sister is 6 years old. b : capacity for storing information 512 megabytes of memory. In his absent-minded way Tennyson was very apt to mislay objects; in earlier life he had lost the MS. of Poems, chiefly Lyrical, and had been obliged to restore the whole from scraps and memory. pascha', of the Hebrew name of the Passover festival n4 pesach, from r "he passed over," in memory of the great deliverance, when the destroying angel "passed over the houses, of the children of Israel in Egypt when he smote the Egyptians" (Exod. To the three named should be added the Calton burying-ground, with its Roman tomb of David Hume, and the obelisk raised in 1844 to the memory of Maurice Margarot, Thomas Muir (1765-1798), Thomas Fyshe Palmer (1747-1802), William Skirving and Joseph Gerrald (1765-1796), the political martyrs transported towards the end of the 18th century for advocating parliamentary reform. The memory of the words and how sweet he was last night made her ache, as much because she turned her back on him as it was because she wanted to feel his naked body against hers. The hospital is dedicated to the memory of Lessing, who was born here. The memory of the defeat of the Spartan king Cleonymus by the fleet of Patavium in 302 B.C. REQUIEM, the name of a solemn mass for the dead (Missa pro defunctis) in the Roman Church, appointed 'to be sung on All Souls' Day, in memory of all "faithful departed," at funeral services, and at the anniversaries of the death of particular persons. The Motors are now little more than a memory. His first memory was of waking up then of everything he'd done for the day. The dream was drifting away from conscious memory, into that pit of forgotten remembrances that somewhere dwells in our deepest subconscious. In the governor's garden, in Quebec, there is also a monument to the memory of Wolfe and his gallant opponent Montcalm, who survived him only a few hours, with the inscription " Wolfe and Montcalm. She caught the slightest hint of his memory. His last days he spent on his estate at Gruzina, carefully collecting all his memorials of Alexander, whose memory he most piously cherished. The English translations (Time and Free Will, Matter and Memory and Creative Evolution) all belong to 1910-1. The last memory each held involved a man with eyes piercing and black as the night sky. I'm on the road once more with only my memory of sweet little Marcia for company. Copyright 2020 by Basic English Speaking. "The last two, if my memory is correct," she said, taking plates from the cabinets. She was staring at the cake, trying to find some fond memory to shove aside the pictures in her mind when Sarah walked into the room. In 259 Odenathus, the Palmyrene adventurer whose memory has been eclipsed by that of his wife Zenobia, laid Nehardea waste for the time being, and in its neighbourhood arose the academy of Pumbedita (Pombeditha) which became a new focus for the intellectual life of Israel in Babylonia. His means increased rapidly; serfs from neighboring estates came to beg him to buy them, and long after his death the memory of his administration was devoutly preserved among the serfs. With this mention Prester John ceases to have any pretension to historical existence in Asia (for we need not turn aside to Mandeville's fabulous revival of old stories or to the barefaced fictions of his contemporary, John of Hese, which bring in the old tales of the miraculous body of St Thomas), and his connexion with that quarter of the world gradually died out of the memory of Europe. Jule's memory was wiped out and Xander exiled, until a year ago, when he landed in the human realm. For Miss Keller to spell a sentence in the manual alphabet impresses it on her mind just as we learn a thing from having heard it many times and can call back the memory of its sound. Having ordered punch and summoned de Beausset, he began to talk to him about Paris and about some changes he meant to make in the Empress' household, surprising the prefect by his memory of minute details relating to the court.